We are Telecommunications Specialists

Ekspresa originated from the mobile network operators' need to provide an excellent service to their subscribers.

With quality and efficiency always as pillars, Ekspresa has expanded its services to much of what is involved in the RF interface in mobile systems, hand in hand with a technical team which stands out for its deep knowledge and expertise, as well as its results orientation.

Ekspresa is a company specializing in consulting and advisory services, and innovative technology solutions in the area of wireless telecommunication undertaken by professionals highly trained in this sector, whose main purpose is, to support its customers in all stages of planning, design, production, optimization and product launch, using its vast experience in the market and an advanced information management platform that makes comprehensive, reliable and timely solutions available.

Capacity, response times and commitment have made Ekspresa a reference in the Caribbean and Central American region where - always taking on new challenges - it has completed successful work in over 20 countries, remaining at the forefront of technology with the development of products for GSM, UMTS and LTE.