Industrial Solutions

Vertical Elevators

Do you need to install a vertical elevator in your construction projects or in the industry to increase efficiency and work safety?

The elevators are generally used to reduce costs, increase efficiency and safety of the work. At the same time, elevators can be installed for the optimal transport of materials and people for constructions of different heights.

In Ekspresa we can support it in the following categories of service:

  • Supply of Elevators for transporting materials, tools and equipment (300kg – 3.2Ton).
  • Civil and electrical adaptations for the installation of the elevators.
  • Post-sale maintenance service in labor and parts supply.
Alimak Elevator

Electric and manual hoists and winches

Do you need to install equipment to lift different materials and heavy equipment in vertical movement? Manual or electric hoists and winches are systems that can help you in these tasks. Ekspresa staff has the knowledge to install, operate and maintain these equipment. Ekspresa staff can support you in the following services:

  • Supply of Electric Chain Hoist or Electric Cable Equipment
  • Civil and electrical adjustments for the installation of hoists and winches.

Electric Equipment

Do you need an ally in the development of electrical solutions?

Ekspresa puts at your disposal personnel with experience in electrical solutions to support and give you the advice you require in the integration of your projects.

We have trusted suppliers with recognition in the market. We can support your projects in the following areas:

  • Equipment supply:
    • Supply of energy quality measurement equipment
    • Supply of Electrical Wiring, Grounding Cables
    • Supply of Lightning Rods
  • Services of the Electricity Sector:
    • Audit of power measurement demand and quality of electrical energy
    • Low and medium voltage electrical installation projects
Power generator