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Ekspresa signs agreement with Acsys

At Ekspresa, we are pleased to announce our alliance with Acsys International to bring security and access management solutions to critical infrastructures to our clients in Central America, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico and Venezuela. In June 2022 Ekspresa and Acsys International signed a distribution agreement, which allows Ekspresa to market Acsys’s solutions in Panama, […]

Ekspresa signs alliance with Alimak

At Ekspresa we are pleased to announce the alliance we have signed with Alimak Group Management AB to bring Alimak vertical lifting solutions to our customers in Central America. In January 2021 Alimak and Ekspresa signed a representation agreement, which allows Ekspresa to offer vertical access solutions for industry and construction. This agreement allows us […]

Ekspresa signs alliance with Robotbas

We announce that Ekspresa has signed an alliance with Robot, S.A. to bring ROBOTBAS building and hotel automation solutions to our clients in Panama and Central America. Two companies whose main purpose is to satisfy the needs of their clients establish an alliance to be able to bring ROBOTBAS building automation solutions to Panama and […]

Ekspresa signs alliance with Gladiator Innovations

Ekspresa and Gladiator Innovations have signed an alliance since July 2020. With this partnership, we aim to bring a new formula to our customers in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.