Professional Services


RAN Planning & Optimization

Ekspresa provides you with a team of specialized Radio Network Planning and optimization engineers to help you achieve your performance goals.

We can support you with:

  • RF Parameters Audit and Adjustment.
  • Analysis of Statistical Measurements.
  • Capacity Analysis and Dimensioning.
  • PCI Plan Design and Management.
  • Deployment and Adjustment of Algorithms and Features
  • Physical Optimizations Plan Development.
  • Analysis and Improvement of cells with low performance.

Project Management Services

Telecommunication market is truly competitive, players are looking for a reliable partner to come up with an optimal time – cost solution; have you set your project in a proper way? Resources, quality and profitability are being followed up to ensure they are optimal? Ekspresa can do it for you, setting up or supporting your project management organization, it will allow you to:

  • Supervise the timely fulfillment of the objectives of the projects in your portfolio.
  • Identify and manage risks and changes.
  • Plan and monitor the project budget.
  • Develop the scope and objectives of the project, involving all key participants, ensuring technical feasibility.
  • Ensure the availability and allocation of resources.
  • Develop a detailed project work plan to track progress.
  • Coordinate internal, external and supplier resources for the perfect execution of projects.
  • Ensure profitability of the project.
  • Maintain relationships with the client and key participants.

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Drive Test Postprocessing and Reporting

Ekspresa has specialized teams that convert raw data into information.

With the DT log files, we deliver professional reports with the SLA you need. We are confident we can meet your delivery time expectations by automating the log file loading process and templates in the format you need: PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, MapInfo, KMZ, etc.

This service is frequently asked for quick deployments, we can also include suggestions in case the KPI’s are not met.
Together with our Drive Test and Network Performance Monitoring services, we can help you speed up your network roll-out or optimization project.

Need high-level Optimization? Check out our RAN Optimization consulting service.

Staff Augmentation

This outsourcing model can enhance your business by handling staffing, training and communication for your resources. Ekspresa can provide a pool of talents with expertise or if you have already selected a resource, we can offer that very same person, just let Us know.

We have a vast experience outsourcing and managing staff from several areas: field supervisors, quality engineers and project managers, among many others.

This service will definitively allow to move projects onward rapidly with scalability, fast response times, flexibility, better control and let you focus on your business.

Have you encountered with problems in partners that don’t pay on time to the resources? We know that this is a very large inconvenient, you won´t have this issue with Ekspresa.

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Training Services

Is your organization prepared for the current / future market?

Do quality and delivery time keep being a challenge in your company?

Have you provided your personnel with the tools to achieve with your objetives?

In Ekspresa we indentify that well trained team ensures that the quality of service provided by your company will reach customer requirements, allowing tohave a better response time in our project delivery. We can set for you a variaty set of capacitation in several areas of interest for your businnes:

  • Principles of RF Planning / Optimization.
  • Field Measurements / Drive Tests Bootcamp.
  • PostProcessing and Report Generation Bootcamp.
  • Antenna Audit and TE Installation Bootcamp.
  • Working in Heights Certification.
  • Telecom Project Management Bootcamp.

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