Mobile Network Design Solutions

Radio Network Design

Would you like to predict the future and know how everything will be before moving the first brick? 

Can this save you money and mistakes? 

We don’t need magic for that. With the correct tools, information and personnel, simulations can be carried out to evaluate how a network will take off, an optimization or an expansion. 

  • Calculation of number and location of sites. 
  • Selection of height, azimuth, and antenna models. 
  • Network Simulation using coverage prediction tools. 
  • BTS level capacity engineering 
  • Network Reengineering given several network changes during the implementation process. 
  • Network Fine-Tuning before the commercial launch. 

Ekspresa can support you from the selection and adjustment of the tool to the complete design of the access network. 

Propagation Model Tuning

Continuous Wave Testing or just CW testing is typically done at the first stages of deploying mobile operators. It gathers information to design and adjust a propagation model throughout different terrain and clutter. This applies for all technologies (2G, 3G, 4G or 5G) and is mainly related to the spectrum.

In Ekspresa we offer this service by configuring or installing one transmitter which will transmit the necessary frequency of corresponding licensed frequency. Also we incorporate a receiver or Drive Test equipment in order to collect the information from the static transmitter.

With this information we can adjust the propagation models to be used in Design and Planning tools, and accompany our clients along the way until these tools are calibrated according to the field. This is later used for a complete network deployment or to design/optimize specific sites.

Site Search

You need help looking for the right location to implement your site? We got you covered.

In Ekspresa we offer the support you need to look for different site alternatives within a grid or area. Also, we take care of the negotiation phase and local permits (as long as it is allowed to build).

Deliverable? Of course. We deliver a report with the complete site information including a sketch of the site location and measurements.

Environmental impact? We always make sure you have the complete information regarding the environment, you can for sure expect this report.

Transport Network Design

Is your transport network prepared to grow?

A proper design of transport network can ensure you to plan right resources allowing you to face new technologies such as 5G; In Ekspresa we can help you with these activities by:

  • Collecting all information from the site to perform until the development of the As-built drawings standard , according to the site Survey Report.
  • Updating layout drawing based on CAD format provided by the customer or the generation of a new layout drawing based on SS Report.
  • Performing site engineering to As-built update and complete deliverables agreed with the customer.
  • Doing a Topology Planning, Capacity Planning, Link Desing and Frequency Planning
    Performing the As-built validation and approval

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in-building solutions

In-building Design

It is quite often that we find ourselves in public spaces, commercial buildings, basement parkings, even in our own houses, looking for the best signal to connect to the network, but there is no connection where we really need it!

Do you need support in designing a cost effective yet optimized In-building network? Are you worried that the result of the design will lead to a high cost solution? Don´t worry, it doesn´t need to be expensive in order to work just fine.

In Ekspresa we can do both local or remote In-building designs that adapt to our client´s needs.

Experience in tools such as iBwave® or Ranplan®? Of course, our engineers have experience using design tools for In-building challenges.

Besides the design, we can help you with the solution installation and performance testing.

Please contact Us in order to review which solution fits your specific requirements!