Building automation solutions with ROBOTBAS

Modernizing buildings and hotels with efficient automation solutions

With more than 38 years of experience of Robot, S.A. guarantee that ROBOTBAS has extensive experience in building automation systems, with simple and personalized products that help reduce electricity consumption, thus satisfying the needs of our customers.

The solutions that we offer to our clients in Panama and across Central America, through our alliance with ROBOTBAS, include:

Industrial Control

Production control and performance improvement of machine rooms, thanks to real-time synchronization with the demand for room resources.

Room control and common areas

Optimization of energy resources by controlling presence, lighting, air conditioning, humidity and water in each room.

Facade animation

Lighting designed to create personalized animations for each client, filling their facades with surprising chromatic choreographies.

We offer our  clients in Central America the services of design, engineering, installation, maintenance and support of automation solutions for buildings and hotels with ROBOTBAS products.

Our own experience and our partners’ experience allows us to take complete control of the project from beginning to end.

Advantages of ROBOTBAS solutions

  • Smart systems

    Designed to be more respectful with the environment, by reducing the energy costs of each installation.

  • Automation and cost savings

    Operation of all building control systems altogether, from industrial control to room control, in real time and from a single system, allowing savings in operating costs.

  • Unification

    Unification of the brand image in every small detail, thanks to the personalized design of iconography, the use of descriptive texts or the inclusion of the logo on the devices

  • Easy to install and maintain

    Products of easy installation and maintenance, thanks to plug & play peripherals without configuration and reduction of wiring, suitable for non-specialized personnel.

  • Service reliability

    Great service reliability backed by 38 years of experience and more than 600 projects carried out, of which 95% belong to the hotel sector.

  • Specialized advice

    Specialized advice by the same professionals who have created the systems, guaranteeing expert attention to our clients.

  • Personalization

    Solutions designed for every need, such as hotels, hospitals, public buildings and centers, shops, warehouses and industrial buildings.

  • Warranty

    5 year warranty.

Building automation product catalog

We make available to our clients the catalog of ROBOTBAS products that we have available.

Download ROBOTBAS catalog
Please let us know your name, work email and country so we can send you the ROBOTBAS products catalog