Mobile Network Implementation Solutions

Telecom Tower

Telecom Equipment Installations

Are you taking too long to deliver an installation project?

Would you like to install site equipment wihout quality issues?

Our experienced professionals have been carrying out installation and configuration projects in various regions. We know the work, we have the skill. Our personnel can deliver the installations without pending items, our supervisors make sure of that. The site installation includes:

  • Indoor & Outdoor Installation.
  • RBS / MW Installation and Commissioning. 
  • DWDM Equipment Installation. 
  • Energy and Backhaul Equipment Installation. 
  • Core Room Installation and Commissioning. 
  • Radiant System Installation.
  • In-building Solutions Installation.

We adapt our structure to the project size, ensuring the amount of resources needed. This also allows Us to have competitive prices for this service.

Photographic evidence and reports? Yes, included.

Our customers are used to deliver the work without mistakes, so are we.

Technical Site Survey and Engineering

Do you think that most companies present Site Survey reports with missing information?

Sometimes you request the use of a drone to better inspect the sites and take better pictures?

We know all that could be complex, but don´t worry, it´s not rocket science and we know how to do it properly.

In Ekspresa we adapt to our client´s needs, in terms of delivery time, content, details needed and resources capacity. The typical requested information for the reports is listed as follows:

  • Details of Physical Parameters of a site (such as antenna model, antenna tilts, geographical coordinates, antenna height, etc.).
  • For outdoor sites, Panoramic photos of the sector and the BTS.
  • For indoor sites, complete photo report of the network elements.
  • Distribution of the network elements in a sketch or detailed plan.

If you have another Scope for this service, please let Us know! We´ll be happy to design the custom solution that better fits your network.

Base Station Commissioning & Integration

Do you have communication problems? Are they all speaking the same language?

Do Radio Base stations talk to each other?

The radio base stations interact not only with each other but also with the terminals and their control unit. In order for communication to flow they must have the correct information, parameters and communication protocols.

Our team ensures through the commissioning and integration service that everyone has the correct parameters and in this way the communication between the network elements is carried out correctly.

Civil Works

You’re tired of constant delays and quality issues in construction sites? So are we.

Our team is prepared to engage in building a site with constant supervision and report progress.

Our site supervisors use photographic evidence to send constant reports including the details requested by our clients. This also allows a constant check of not only the activity developed but also the review of the safety measures always taken and the quality check (QC).

These constant checks are especially useful when we deliver the service of Lifting Poles in Civil Works. This project usually include the following activities:

  • Elaboration of reinforcing steel structure.
  • Excavation with the use of a backhoe and profiling by hand.
  • Placement of reinforcing steel for infrastructure.
  • Concrete pole transport.
  • Pole lifting with crane (day or night).
  • Concrete pouring and lab tests for quality tests of concrete.
  • Verticality and general quality control.
  • On-site finishes.

We can build a complete site, lift a pole or repair a sidewalk, the choice is yours!

Civil Works
Radio Antennas in Tower

Antenna Adjustment

The Antenna Adjustment, also called Rigger Service, includes a team with 2 riggers that can carry out several tasks on the field, such as : Site Audit, Photographic Survey, Antenna Azimuth change, Antenna Tilts change and basic corrections, among others.

Our team has experience with several tools, like 3Z Antenna Alignment Tool ® or also the use of Drones, when needed, which enhance the service for faster and more accurate results.

Regarding the deliverable of this service, a report is generated according to the client’s needs (usually including photos taken onsite, basic information and a sketch of the site).Of course it can be fully customized.

This service can be quoted on a per month, per week, per day or per site basis.

Please reach out to Us, our teams will be glad to be your eyes on the field.