Do you need to reduce the time for rolling a new market?

Are you looking for a company specialized in telecommunications to reliably complement your EPC project?

Due to our years of experience in the telecommunications area for the different markets of the region and the service offered and recognized by our clients, it allows us to offer a reliable option to work jointly on business opportunities:

  • Through this alliance Ekspresa can support in EPC project.
  • You will have more capital available for new projects.
  • You will get our specialization in most activities of the sector
  • Share of the risk a in a clear and transparent way.
  • High availability of resources for the partner agreement.
  • There is opportunity for income splitting, an advantage of particular importance due to resultant tax savings.

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Do you need to open a new market or improve the positioning of your product or service in your current region? 

In order to close more deals to sell your product or service, do you require a reseller which guarantee the after sales?

Ekspresa offers our customers to immediately show your product or service for quick route to the market with systematized business processes following the ISO 9001:2015 standard for your confidence:

Enhance the brand with the development of the after-sales service.

  • Share the Sales & Marketing Expertise between the Manufacture and us to increase the product’s knowledge in the markets. 
  • Ekspresa offers your product in multi countries in several regions.
  • Local support to the customers on technical issues and warranty claims.
  • Agility and adaptability in the local billing process or directly to the manufacturer.

Please let us know your needs!

Product Testing

You developed a disrupting new way to analyze mobile field data, or you have a brand new equipment solution you want to test in the field, contact Us.

We are the people “on-site” in Latin America. You can count on us to give you the proper feedback to improve and adapt your solution, we can test them in different environments.

Our ISO 9001:2015 Certification gives you the confidence we act with international standards.

Once your solution is ready for go to market, we will be willing to partner with you.