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Loss of material due to improper opening.

Loss of material due to improper opening. Mr. Fuentes as Logistics and Loss Prevention Manager of Fletes Andrade is responsible for ensuring that each package sent reaches its destination on time and in the exact quantity, just as they are received and recorded at the time of loading onto the trucks. Fletes Andrade won an […]

Access security can make you money

Perhaps you have not yet considered these 3 aspects why your company could be losing money by not having a reliable access security system.

Ekspresa signs agreement with Acsys

At Ekspresa, we are pleased to announce our alliance with Acsys International to bring security and access management solutions to critical infrastructures to our clients in Central America, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico and Venezuela. In June 2022 Ekspresa and Acsys International signed a distribution agreement, which allows Ekspresa to market Acsys’s solutions in Panama, […]