Month: August 2020

Efficiently finding External Interference in mobile networks

External interference situations can severely impact the performance of a mobile network, impacting the subscribers’ experience. Because of this, mobile network operators should find mechanisms to mitigate this issues effectively and quickly. In this article we present a general description of the most common types of external interference in mobile networks, what is the typical process to find it and how can operators leverage the CellSpectrum solution to accelerate this process.

Taking advantage of the investment in Drive Test tools and improving the efficiency with G-Station

In the sector of mobile network optimization, operators make significant investments in drive test tools and data analysis from different sources. 5G deployments will continue to increase the need for investment, leading to a search for a better use for both current inventory and also new tools. An analysis tool that supports multiple brands and data sources, such as G-Station, is a cost-effective alternative for optimizing mobile networks.