Tag: Optimization

Creating a drive test report in 10 minutes with G-Station

One of the main features of the G-Station solution is its focus on automation. The software allows accelerating drive test data analysis for mobile network optimization. In the video below we show how we can create a simple SSV (Single Site Verification) drive test report in a few minutes, by leveraging on the Custom Design Center tool in G-Station. Network operators and vendors can exploit this functionality to accelerate their rollout and RF optimization projects.

Taking advantage of the investment in Drive Test tools and improving the efficiency with G-Station

In the sector of mobile network optimization, operators make significant investments in drive test tools and data analysis from different sources. 5G deployments will continue to increase the need for investment, leading to a search for a better use for both current inventory and also new tools. An analysis tool that supports multiple brands and data sources, such as G-Station, is a cost-effective alternative for optimizing mobile networks.

Ekspresa signs alliance with Gladiator Innovations

Ekspresa and Gladiator Innovations have signed an alliance since July 2020. With this partnership, we aim to bring a new formula to our customers in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.